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A painting I did for my grandma Art t

A painting I did for my grandma Art t


My grandma painted this in 1939 at 14 years old during the great depression. She couldn't afford canvas so it was painted on plywood.

SolvedMy Grandma recently found this painting and can't ID it (

Wikipedia/Public Domain

I am not a painter but grandma is, so I tried painting this photo of us from my wedding as a 50th anniversary present for her & grandpa. But I can't do ...

Ugo de Cesare, 1950

I can't stop painting these southwest scenes... maybe it's because it's

My Grandma portrait , painted by Lajos T.



Artist Louis Fratino Paints The Most Beautiful Rimjobs. “

When my grandma passed away last October, I got his unfinished paintings. Decided to finish one tonight. I can't tell what he was thinking for a ...

In Tibet: The Grandmother

Wouldn't it be nice, to have GRANDMA, MOM and your Daughter drawn or painted, as a B-day gift, Mother's Day, or other?

Don't worry sweet heart! just massage your belly with this Sage oil.

The detail is astonishing. 18x26 (

Grandma's Hands - by Dianne Dengel. I sure miss my Grandma doing my hair.


So many lessons learned Knitting Humor, Sewing Art, Decoupage, Knit Art, Grandma

Daniel John Gadd: “I'm trying to make paintings that feel human, that feel how I feel”. — Conversation Project NYC

Coming Out to the DeadComing Out to the Dead

Mays' Studio helped pay the bills through the Depression and the war years, but it didn't make Charlie & Helen rich. And while Grandma May (as we called her ...

I first sprayed a cup with silicon, then mixed a bunch of paints together.

Champa Rani Vaid was a painter, a poet, & a feminist who also happened to be my grandmother. She died last weekend in the same hospital I was born in 26 ...

Jeffrey T. Larson (American, born 1962)....reminds me of my grandmother and me...memories

Heart handprint canvas for grandma or mom on Mother's Day! Great craft/gift for kids to make. | Mothers Day & Fathers Day | Pinterest | Crafts for kids, ...

It was the first time you'd painted someone from life, which is very impressive! How did you find it? Was it a real challenge and will you be doing it more ...

Why my grandmother didn't want me to be an artist: Art as text, caves and flickering.

McMaster University on Twitter: "RT @MacMuseum: Kids' tour: "This reminds me of grandma's house & I love my grandma so I love this painting!

A sketch of a lake in Algonquin Park by Tom Thomson was sitting neglected in an Edmonton basement. (The Canadian Press)

Photo: Portrait of American artist Anna Mary Robertson Moses, better known as Grandma Moses

Artist, James McNeill Whistler

I got this painting when my Grandma died. Everybody wanted everything else and I was

Don't be discouraged and as you face each problem one by one, you can end up with a result that you will be happy (and relieved) with in the end!


Sweet Lovebirds Canvas

After learning about Grandma Moses and her paintings, the children use her style to paint landscapes. For ages 6 to 13. Plan 2 to 3 sessions.

My grandmother never did learn how to drive, so when my mom couldn't pick us up we would take a taxi cab ( Grandma lived with us) and I remember it would ...

Tom Curry on Twitter: "This Olden Days Treasure: a painting by my Grandma, Florence Mitchell - one of 4 recently found. The scene is near Trout Lake, ...

after the falls, rearguard falls, BC, mixed media on canvas, 10x10(

Finally got back to painting....a month ago my grandmother past away

Grandma Moses


To her amazement she sold one to the first person to view them. Shannon's only regret is that she did not start painting while her grandmother was still ...

this reminds me of my grandpa and grandma (or of Coen and I).

Tender Hands by Jamal Scott is an African-American work of art depicting a young girl standing on a box playing with the hair of a seated barefoot elderly ...

Featured Grandma Moses ~ I won't get my hopes up

I love doing portrait art, why don't I do more of it? Guess I truly cannot decide what I want to do when I grow up. Well anyway, in May of 1915 she ...

This is a painting I made for grandmas birthday. When I showed it to her she didn't understand what it was at first. Then she realized it was her face, ...

In the Style of - Grandma Moses

I liked my results, but I want to try this with either acrylic or oils. I feel like I didn't fill the page with color like our beloved GM.

At least twice a week, fans ask Alex Garant if they can get a tattoo based on her trippy portraits. On the left, her original painting.

How To Draw A Cartoon Grandma

The hands in the top picture are my grandpa's hands (he's a calligrapher) and the bottom picture is a painting that my grandma did.

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This might be my favorite artwork. I love the colors. I love the cat. Did grandma tell you she ordered herself a T-shirt with this artwork on it?

Garden Flowers Artist Grandma. Summer Flowers Painting Grandma

Grandma Moses. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

FOUNDRY members bring “Not Your Grandma's Art Show” to SHAPE

Far, far away , right by the forest, lives my grandma, she is the sweetest. She lives alone with her dog and cats, but the chickens too, don't forget!

20 Sentimental Crafts to Make Grandma for Mother's Day

An 87-year-old grandmother creates intricate drawings using Microsoft Paint — and people are blown away by her talent

... Grandma had a painting like this on the wall of her guest bedroom for years. Nana was always so old-fashioned; who knew she'd be such a religious ...

In a few months it will have been 10 years since I last saw my grandma

A third category of Finch's work includes quilted pieces that are affixed to canvases and hung vertically like paintings while protruding into the room like ...

I got this picture from my grandma on Facebook and I don't think either of us know what's going on ...

Death row inmates are making a killing with their paintings. Is it art or highway


John Bellany, 'Self-Portrait' 1988

I was also very young when my maternal grandmother had a big fight with my mom. I knew nothing about the fight, but I knew that my family wanted nothing to ...


Image supplied by Wikipedia

“Self with Pitcher and Candle,” oil on canvas, 2017.

Without a doubt, black-velvet painting lives up to its reputation as the pinnacle of tackiness. You could point to any number of cheap, poorly done images ...

... the bottom of the heart: "Omas create memories that the heart holds forever." (The original quote said grandmothers, but Monkey and Peanut call my mom ...

In My Mind's Eye

Portrait of Rosanna Butterfield, oil on canvas, 22x28 - She wanted to be portrayed

[proof] Spring 2016 Edition by [proof] - issuu

Just a little over two years ago I found my true passion ....painting. I'm a 50 something wife, grandmother and now artist. I only began my artist journey a ...

Grandmother's coat Painting by alice wellinger

Flickr user Garret Zeigler

artist statement

Muse, lover, lifeblood: how my grandmother woke the genius in Picasso | Books | The Guardian

The Edmonton grandmother recently learned that a family heirloom that had been sitting in her basement was a painting by the Group of Seven's ...

She puts a huge army tent on her floor and the pieces are either standing vertically or propped on stacks of paint cans. The paint is globbed on, ...

My grandmother had a saying, “What is, is. What ain't, ain't.” Simplistic to the core, but truth often is just that. Her saying did not apply to cancer ...


Amateur restoration botches Jesus painting in Spain. PRI's The World

'Portrait of My Grandmother,' 33″ x 33″

My aunt later commissioned me to make a copy of Square Girl for her, but I don't have a photo of that painting.

The art represents me and my grandma who influenced me in a good ways. She died in Burma, and did not come to Texas with us. She always showed us the right ...