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Crosssection of an elephants trunk Get More gifs funny

Crosssection of an elephants trunk Get More gifs funny


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Getting real sick of your shit, Carl.

Cute and funny baby elephants. Gifs Video

There aren't enough elephant dumps on here. I, however, am more than willing to leave a big ol fat one for you all to enjoy.

La beauté est dans les yeux de celui qui regarde. Asian Elephant, White Elephant

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Where's Your Trunk, Human?

Elephants Communicate in Sophisticated Sign Language, Researchers Say – National Geographic Society Newsroom

Elephant Trunk

if girls were boys for a day - elephant video

In natural history films, lionesses are usually portrayed as the hunters of the pride, while male lions mope around under shady trees.

Photo courtesy of ElephantVoices

A young elephant attempts to make itself look bigger. Sadly for it, this will only be intimidating in another decade or two. Amy Attenborough

African bush elephant with its trunk raised, a behaviour often adopted when trumpeting

A female African bush elephant in Mikumi National Park, Tanzania

Photo courtesy of ElephantVoices Photo courtesy of ElephantVoices. Elephants have ...

Photo courtesy of ElephantVoices

Asian elephant

Photo courtesy of ElephantVoices

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An elephant bull demonstrates how 'dozy' their eyes can get when they are relaxed and feeding. It seems this bull was even struggling to keep them open at ...

'Our living dinosaurs'

African forest elephant in Ivindo National Park, Gabon

Fifty drunken elephants ransack village after gulping 500 litres of alcohol

Photo courtesy of ElephantVoices

Elephant Trunks

Photograph by Sandy Powers

pictureElephants foot compared to humans foot ...

Facts about elephants for kids firstchildhoodedu.

Trunk. Asian Elephant, Royal Chitwan National Park

elephant cooling itself Top 10 Facts of the Worlds Largest Land Animal [20 pics]

Lions Circle Trapped Baby Elephant UNTIL Another Elephant Family Shows Up | The Dodo

Baby Elephant Chasing Birds FAIL | The Dodo

How to Save the Elephants? At Kenya's Elephant Crisis Fund, They've Got a Plan—Or Several - Vogue

elephant using trunk to itch Top 10 Facts of the Worlds Largest Land Animal [20

Botswana big ellie herd walking by

The baby elephant sinks to its knees before sliding down the slope

Chase and other scientists feared they were in a race against time, which is where the Great Elephant Census came in.

Redditors Photoshop Donald Trump, Jr. Holding a Dead Elephant's Dismembered Tail – Upvoted

pink elephants 3 four in one

Baby elephants don't know what their trunk is when they are first born and will often step on it and become confused at the pain.

There's more going on up there than meets the ...

Elephant Shows Rhino Who's Boss!

elephant orphanage at pinnawala sri lanka Top 10 Facts of the Worlds Largest Land Animal [

elephant eye close up Top 10 Facts of the Worlds Largest Land Animal [20 pics

Surin Elephant Round-up

Youngsters: Asian elephants are smaller than African elephants and easier to tame, although they

elephant hit by chili bombs_Osborn

1899 poster for the combined Forepaugh & Sells Brothers Circus featuring acrobats' "Terrific flights over ponderous elephants"

Some of the parks seem to have a higher incidence of tuskers than others. The reasons for this is still not clear but it could be that there is a healthy ...

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 'Divine Beast Vah Ruta' main quest guide and walkthrough

The big mounted bull elephant at the Field Museum is 10 feet tall at the shoulder and weighed 6 tons in life. Note Mike for scale on the lower right.

Elephant Tusks

African bush elephant

Photo courtesy of ElephantVoices

Asian elephant grazing on the banks of Kabini River, Nagarhole National Park

Asian Elephant

In the Asian species of elephants (elephas maximus) only the male have tusks while in the African species ( loxodonta) both the male and female have tusks.

An elephant bull approaches a vehicle, getting rather close, but based on its body language you can tell that it is totally unfazed by the presence of the ...

Elephant blocking traffic

Asian elephant

As indicated earlier when in musth mature bull elephants can spar and sometimes even fight to establish their superiority over another male.

Asian_elephant_trunk. Elephant trunks ...

Don't Mess With A HUGE Elephant Seal | Super Giant Animals | BBC - YouTube

South African wildlife – Elephant encounter

Elephant Calf

One Week in Northern Thailand

All African elephants grow tusks. African elephants have much bigger ears that are coincidentally shaped like ...


Mike ...

Baby elephant trunk ...


elephant trunk-influenced bionic handling assistant by festo learns like a baby

Framing the Sacred

ORIGINAL Elephant Painting

Asian Elephant at Corbett National Park4

Indian elephant resting her trunk

elephant behinds · trunk shown by female Indian elephant

At it like rabbits. Or lions. Or bats.

Probably ...

Growing up in the African Bush: warthogs, elephants, snakes - and the threat of extinction

The Asian elephant population has been cut by more than half since the early 20th century

Sri Lanka Elephants 03

Baby elephant enjoys some playtime in China

And that means that walking elephants make precious little noise. You could watch a group disappear behind a bush about 10 metres away and have absolutely ...

silhouette walking elephant

How to Do Eka Hasta Bhujasana - Elephant Trunk Pose