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Kevjam Tumblr by nicorii Kevamie Week Day 1 Love Letters Im

Kevjam Tumblr by nicorii Kevamie Week Day 1 Love Letters Im


Kevamie Week | Day 1: Love Letters I'm so excited for this week

Kevamie Week | Day 4: Free Day

“Okay okay, you can looooooooook… Now!”

Kevamie Week 2018

Kevamie Week | Day 4: Free Day

Kevamie Photobook. - ~1~

“Hey baby, glad to see you could make it. You're looking very handsome tonight. Care for a drink and a dance? Or for me to call you mine?”

A Real Hero Must Struggle!: Photo

Sorry for being late!!! Hope you guys had a good New Years!

Nyah~ ;3c

Kevamie Week Day 6: Crossover - - - - - #kevamie #kevamieweek #


“No! Garnet! I moved on I swear!”

{ this reply was drawn by new askkevamie member @nicorii ! }

Kevamie Week - Day 3: Beach 🌊 🦀


Kevamie Week 2017, Day 5: Drama Zone - - - - - #kevamie

Geekatron 9000

My sketch beforehand uwu

10. Dancing

Originally posted by nicorii

aaaaa ...

Originally posted by nicorii

i can't with these two

Kevamie Week 2018

#cartoons #kevamie #steveuniverse #stevonnie #yaoi

Kevamie Week Day 3: Alternate Universe This is one of Au I made awhile back

Kevamie Week 2017, Day 2: Beach Day - - - - - #kevamie

I'm sry QwQ .

#kevamie #stevenuniversejamie #strvenuniversekevin #jamiexkevin #kevinxjamie

10w 64

Kevamie Week Day 1: Star Watching (Sorry the coloring isn't the greatest

Sorry ...

Kevamie Week Day 6: Crossover - - - - - #kevamie #kevamieweek #

The Diamond Days Arc will be here next week!!!! Can't

a msg from both the kevamie garbage can admins: meo here! AND KEV HECC

Closed Curtains “Steven and Connie can't help but question Kevin's motives after finding

Here, have some Kevamie. #kevamie #stevenuniverse #kevinstevenuniverse #jamiestevenuniverse #jamiexkevin

Image result for kevamie smut

Kevamie Week 2017, Day 3: AU - - - - - #kevamie #

🌟Orion🌟 ( @toaster.do0dle )

we remember the old days when me + kev started liking this ship when the kevamie

This is my Kevamie art for #kevamieweek2018 and I'

just the two of them, sharing a milkshake kevamie - milkshake

Leaks of diamond days! #stevenuniverse #peridot #lapislazuli #garnet #yellowdiamond #

Malibu... | Ok, but I didn't post for so long

Kevamie Week Day 7 - Date Night ✨ I can't believe it's the

Omg this is too much 😂😂 Do you ship Kevin and Jaimie? I don

#kevamie #stevenuniversejamie #strvenuniversekevin #jamiexkevin #kevinxjamie


Here's my Kevin and Jamie fusion! He's very dramatic, has great hair, SMUG

Leaks of diamond days! #stevenuniverse #peridot #lapislazuli #garnet #yellowdiamond #

askkevamie: “Happy Kevamie Week! Day 1: Love Letters ” Steven Universe Ships

Kevamie Week - Day 1 - Love Letters 💌💕 • #kevamie #kevinsu #

Kevamie Week 2017, Day 1: Fireworks - - - - - #kevamie #

Image result for jamie x kevin Steven Universe Ships, Steven S, Lapidot, Cartoon


steven universe confessions ⭐ ( @suniverseconfessions )

I made another one! But this time it's for coloring because before I couldn't film me coloring and now I can't film me lining. (Also plz don't mind some bad ...

1/3 Decided to upload these now too. 😭 More Jamie Edits of Last

Here's the trailer of diamond days! You guys can thank me later.


kevin and jamie steven universe - Google Search. nicorii: “Kevamie Week | Day ...

Kevamie in Hoodies by Selena .

Kevamie: Kevin x Jamie from Steven Universe (Part 1/2) | Parallel to Greg and Rose. "

other mailman

Who is ready for the final chapter of Stepping Stones?? — #stevenuniverse #

bItCH IM DED -kev . . . . . #kevamie #kevinxjamie #jamiexkevin. 1 year ago

Boy Arts - Kevamie Week Day Four/July 12 - Free Day (in.

Kevamie Week Day 7: Date Night - Sorry for posting so late!! I

We are doing a Kevamie Week from September 19th to the 25th

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Finally reposting and posting all that inktober stuff wow. Day 1: Izuku Midoriya Day

I also drew a scene from the fanfic 👀 • • • #kevamie #kevjam

Kevin and steven fusion!!woow very cool

Nyah~ ;3c

I forgot to say happy Presidents Day! And here's a mini appreciation of Jamie.


I'm pretty sure this was a planned thing though//How could it be planned when Greg got stolen? MarcoAce Week 2: Day ...

Some thoughts about this episode. Rose(PD) didn't give the equal


THE BESTEST BOIS EVEH *non humanly screech* --tags BC I'm

I'm too ashamed to put this on tumblr - - (Kevamie Week Day

Kevamie Week | Day 6: Hurt-Comfort -------

It's Easter and I'm drawing Kevamie stuff and it's all @nic_rii fault because

A Real Hero Must Struggle!: Photo. Steven UniverseAu. Kevamie Week | Day ...

bisexual Guy named Nakia(kirby ( @kirby_fandoms )

I ship it what can I say it's cute #kevjam #kevin #kevinstevenuniverse #

A Huge SU and RAM Fan

kevin and jamie steven universe - Google Search. Kevamie Photobook.

a gift for @annadesu who just gave birth to her first son last week! congratulations!